Play-for-charity game Turtle Rock gets Android version and updated graphics

Play-for-charity game Turtle Rock gets Android version and updated graphics
Remember Turtle Rock? It's the adorably simple iOS game that donates its advertising and other profits to help charities around the world. Well, its developers, Huy Dang and Arsen Nikiforouk, wanted to let you know that their cause is going pretty well. Since its May 12 launch, the game has helped raise a modest, but significant $600 for charity. $300 went to, and $300 went to Free Healthcare Campaign. Good deed!

Not only that, but the game received a much-welcome facelift. It now looks on par with its contemporaries from the mobile gaming landscape, and plays better, too. Oh, and it has a newly released Android version as well! This means the Google army can now join the charity effort. Get it from Google Play, and if you have 5 minutes to spare, play this game every day. You never know how much you'll help contribute to a decent cause while having a bit of good, harmless fun.

Download Turtle Rock: Android | iOS

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1. Settings

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Faith on humanity restored.

2. TheGenius

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Great effort but $600 is quite less. Going to add some more to that amount.! :D

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