Play an odd little basketball game called NBA on your Windows Phone

Play an odd little basketball game called NBA on your Windows Phone
Want to play some NBA action on your Windows Phone? Sure you do. The only thing is, this NBA stands for Non-stop Basketball Action, and this is about as far from a simulation of the pro game as you can get. The only rule of the game is that the team with the most points at the buzzer, is the winner. Certain advantages might be discovered with your roster that could help them win. Super-powered basketballs let you score at will.

These special items, unlockable by completing certain tasks, will give you an advantage against your opponent, while boosting your players' stats. But you need to be careful! Some of these special advantages could come back later in the game and cost you.

The game has three modes. Bleedout is a battle of survival. You start with a certain number of points which declines toward zero. The team standing while the other has lost all of its points, is the victor. Missions is a mode that gives you increasingly hard challenges to overcome during the course of a game. New missions will be sent out over time, via an update to the game. And Classic has your team playing six games, facing-off against each other team, home and away. You decide the order of the schedule. The team with the best record after the matches, is the champion.

For big time sports fans playing NBA, you do receive a number of stats to analyze, and you can compare your results with other players. Check out some of the action by clicking on the video below.

source: NonstopBasketballAction via WMPoweruser


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1. microsoftnokiawin

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cool does windows phone have an exclusive ? LOL ??!

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