Plastic Logic and E Ink unveil the first flexible color display

Plastic Logic and E Ink unveil the first flexible color display
E Ink displays have been around for decades and we sort of grew accustomed to seeing them and using them in our e-reader devices. Sadly, this technology hasn’t evolved as much as we would’ve hoped. Now, in line with the new “flexible” trend, comes the next revolution in electronic paper displays. Plastic Logic in partnership with E Ink has unveiled the first flexible color display.

“E Ink is excited to partner with Plastic Logic to offer the world’s first flexible color display technology to customers,” said Johnson Lee, CEO, E Ink.

The new range of flexible color E Ink displays is called Legio and it can display red, blue, green, yellow, black, and white colors. The first model is a 2.1-inch panel with a 240 x 146 resolution. It’s made of plastic, so it can flex and bend. The Legio E Ink displays retain the low energy consumption that this technology is known for but add color to the equation.

This revolution is not as big as it may sound, because slow refresh rates and low resolution remain key drawbacks of this technology. However, a flexible color E Ink screen will certainly find a place in modern wearables, where power efficiency rules over image quality.

“Our flexible, glass-free displays are a perfect addition to any wearable technology designer’s toolkit – they are extremely lightweight, making them well suited for integration into a host of wearables, including smart jewelry and smart clothing,” said Tim Burne, CEO, Plastic Logic.

While it will be wonderful to see fitness trackers and smartwatches that last months on a single charge, it’ll be up to third-party companies to pick up the new technology and use it in real products.


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