Planning the perfect vacation? Get the perfect roaming plan with Nomad eSIM

Planning the perfect vacation? Get the perfect roaming plan with Nomad eSIM
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Summer is here and the time for adventures is now. Whether it’s going on a beach vacation in Europe, or backpacking abroad, there’s one thing that we will all be doing — staying in touch with friends and family, sharing our photos, and organizing meetups and hangouts with traveling buddies and local friends.

So, thinking ahead and securing a good roaming plan is an essential that needs to be taken care of before you are wheels up. This is definitely not a traveler’s favorite way of spending money — it’s very easy to overpay for too much data, and it’s always a bit of a headache trying to figure out exactly what plan you want to go with.

Enter Nomad — Affordable high-speed data plans, 170 destinations, easy to use

Nomad is an eSIM provider that understands the needs of adventurers. It specializes in giving you prepaid data-only plans, so you can stay in touch hassle-free.

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While your carrier may ask you to pay something to the tune of $10 per day while roaming, switching to Nomad eSIM can cost you as low as $1.10 per day. This is thanks to the wide variety of granular options — you can either pre-pay for a plan with lots of data for your entire stay, or you can pay for a Day Plan that gets you a specific amount of high-speed data per day (like 1 GB / day), and unlimited data at a slower 512 kbps rate afterward, which is enough to get your chat messages, emails, follow google Maps routes, or watch SD videos on YouTube.

Planning to do a country-hopping euro trip? Nomad has you covered again. Instead of buying a default Local eSIM, you can opt for a Regional eSIM — these come in packs for the entire EU, North America, Africa, Oceania, Middle East, and more. You can even get the Global option and be covered no matter where you go.

Nomad “believes in redundancy” — the company tries to provide more than one local network in each supported country. This is just to ensure that you have connectivity in some areas of the country where some operators may have spotty coverage.

Why data-only plans?

For one, it’s easier and cheaper to get. It’s 2024 — people rarely call nowadays, but if you do need to make a voice or video call — having a connection to the Internet is all you need for FaceTime, WhatsApp, Viber, or Facebook Messenger to work. You don’t need to worry about remembering a new phone number, or relaying it to friends and family that don’t like to pick up to unknown callers.

Data connectivity is where the essential communication is at — if you are traveling abroad, there will be differences in time zones, and you will often find yourself leaving chat messages for hours before the conversation picks up again. And, with Nomad, you can have enough GB to share your photos and videos with family back home as it happens. Plus, you can still watch YouTube videos while stuck on a train, waiting to get to the next station.

Nomad eSIM is easy to install

The benefit of eSIM is that it’s not physical — you don’t need to eject or insert anything in the phone when switching to the Nomad plan. All you need is a phone that supports eSIM and is compatible (check Nomad’s compatible phone list here)

Installing the Nomad eSIM is extremely easy, thanks to the app — available on both the Play Store and App Store. Then, choose which plan you wish to purchase. After that’s complete, the eSIM installation process will begin.

Almost every step is automated, and for the ones that are not — you have elaborate step-by-step instructions on what to do on your specific phone. If you are having trouble, there’s a chatbot ready to give you answers to most common queries, or you can ask for a human — support is available 24/7.

Grab your suitcase and your own phone

No need to shop for burners, no need to add expensive roaming options to your plans — find the best Data Roaming plan from Nomad below:

Visit Nomad here

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