Pixel 3a storage got you down? An OG Pixel XL deal brings 128GB and Google's camera for just $170

The conditions of the deal/s may have changed since the initial publishing of this post.
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The Pixel 3a is perhaps the best phone in its sub-$400 price tag that you can currently get on US carriers like Verizon, but it does suffer from few drawbacks, namely a set internal storage amount of 64GB, and the lack of an LED notification light.

Granted, you can live without some internal storage or a bit shorter battery life than the direct midrange competition, but when it comes to picture quality, that can not be rectified once the phone is purchased, right? Well, it may come as a shocker, but the Pixel 3a is miles ahead of the phones in that price bracket. Not only is does it offer an optically-stabilized camera sensor, but it is also capable of cool 4K video recording.

What if we told you that you can have all of Google's unsurpassed computational photography algorithms AND a 128GB storage for sub-$200 even. That's Moto G7 level pricing right there, and yes, we are talking about a great deal on a new OG Pixel XL as it says on the tin. 

Provided by the Power Deal crowdsourced shopping option of Massgenie, the deal drops the price of a black or silver XL down to the unbelievable $169.95 if you register with the lot. This being the wild west of Massgenie, you may encounter a few bumps in the delivery road, or might even get a normal Pixel due to the mismatched description, but in the end it usually works out with an item exchange from the seller.

That's a lot of phone for the money, if you can live with the retro bezel design and the aging chipset. You will certainly be getting the best mobile camera for that kind of money, though, plus a very generous 128GB of internal memory for less than two Benjamins.

Get the Google Pixel XL for $169.95 here

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