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Google Pixel 4 feature could save your life

Google Pixel 4 feature could save your life
A couple of weeks ago, we told you that a new feature for the Pixel 4 series had leaked. Called Car Crash Detection, this would be part of a new app called "Personal Safety" that was accidentally listed and then removed from the Google Play Store. Yesterday, Google made the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL official. And on Tuesday, Google's official support page confirmed that car crash detection is available on the new Pixel models. Unfortunately, it does appear that this potentially life-saving feature will be offered only on the Pixel 4 family.

The Pixel 4 will determine whether a car crash has occurred by using motion sensors, and listening for specific sounds; the location of the phone is also used. This requires permissions for location, physical activity, and the microphone (more on this below). The feature will not work when the handset is in Airplane mode or if the Battery Saver is enabled.

If car crash detection is turned on and the Pixel 4 determines that there has been a car crash, the phone will vibrate and ring loudly. It will ask (both through the speaker and on the screen) whether the user needs help. The user will have 60 seconds to respond; saying "Emergency" or tapping on the emergency button twice will call emergency services. But tapping on "I am ok" or saying "Cancel" will stop the call from being placed. If the user doesn't respond, the speakerphone will automatically be turned on, the device will call emergency services and share the location of the accident.

Google does point out that Car Crash Detection doesn't work with all accidents. High impact crashes could result in the phone skipping steps and making a call to emergency services immediately. In addition, the feature might not work in areas where wireless connectivity isn't reliable. Right now, Car Crash Detection is available only in the U.S. and only in English.

Once a SIM has been added to the Pixel 4, the user can set up Car Crash Detection by opening the Personal Safety app. Once the app is open, he or she should go to Settings and under Driving, tap on Car crash detection. Users should also allow the phone to share their location "all the time" and allow the microphone and physical activity to be shared.
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