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How Google satisfied some consumers' hunger for a hot, tasty Pixel 4 handset

How Google satisfied some consumers' hunger for a hot, tasty Pixel 4 handset
In Miami Beach yesterday, some consumers just couldn't wait to receive the free Domino's Pizza that was en route to their location. No, it wasn't that these consumers were ravenous or especially hungry. What made them so eager to answer the door and take possession of this pizza box was the Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL that was also inside of it. Yesterday, for Cyber Monday, those living in the city could go online to the Google Store and purchase the 128GB Google Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL for $200 off and also score a free 12-inch Domino's pizza; both were hand-delivered inside a limited-edition pizza box.

We know that the latest iteration of the Pixel line has an IP68 certification rating protecting the device from dust and water; cheese and pepperoni might be a different matter. However, a special lid on the box carried the handset during the delivery process. The box itself was an advertisement for the Pixel 4 series printed in the same style as the typical Domino's pizza box. The cover of the cardboard enclosure promoted gesture-based Motion Sense (Wave your hand, you're in command) and digital helper Google Assistant (Treat yourself to some hands-free help). Other features mentioned on the box included Night Sight (which produces viewable photos even when they are snapped in low-light or dark conditions).

Google wanted to show those who hate making their phone's display greasy that the Pixel 4 has hands-free functionality

In case you were wondering, the accessories including the 18W fast charging brick, USB-C cable, SIM tool, and the Quick Switch Adapter were all packed in a second box. A special case for the phone, featuring the Pixel 4 logo, also came with the "order." With the $200 discount, the 128GB Pixel 4 was priced at $699 and the 128GB Pixel 4 XL cost $799.

Why did Google decide to partner with a pizza delivery outfit for the Pixel 4 lunch? Fast Company reports (via 9to5Google) that the company wanted to emphasize the hands-free experience of the Pixel 4 by marketing it with a food that makes the user's hands so greasy that he or she wouldn't want to touch a phone. The U.S. head of marketing for the Pixel, Googler Zach Overton, said, "We’re a challenger brand in this space, so we’re really trying to push ourselves to think outside the industry conventions, to really create a different experience with the launch of this device. We were looking at a few different constructs, one being the traditional unboxing video and experience, which is beloved but has become a bit rote at this point. We were also trying to think about how to really bring some of this device’s features—like the hands-free Motion Sense and new Google Assistant—to life in a way that would resonate with people."

Domino's also saw the connection. The company's director of PR, Jenny Fouracre-Petko, stated, "Pizza and technology are two things we love to talk about, and phones are obviously important to pizza delivery, so it just seemed like a perfect fit for our brand in so many ways." Google's advertising agency, VMLY&R, wanted to present the phone in a new way that was literally out of the box. The agency's director of experience Craig Elimeliah pointed out that "We wanted to give people the opportunity to really experience what a hands-free experience would be like at home,” says Elimeliah. “When you think about occupying someone’s hands with a pizza and you think about the idea of an unboxing experience, we figured a pizza box is a beautiful way to do it."

Back in October, Google also partnered with Domino's to deliver the Pixel 4 to influencers and salespeople. The promotion is enough to make our mouth water, and not necessarily for the pizza.
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