Those with a cochlear implant can now hear audio stream directly from an iOS device

Those with a cochlear implant can now hear audio stream directly from an iOS device
Hearing impaired mobile device users now can hear audio directly from the Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch thanks to a new Sound Processor that will soon be offered by Cochlear Ltd. The Nucleus 7, available in the U.S. this September, will be able to stream the audio from an iOS device directly to the microchips in the company's hearing implants without requiring another device to act as an intermediary. Currently, those with a cochlear implant have to use a Bluetooth device with the sound processor and the phone in order to allow the audio to run through the implants.

While the Bluetooth device would usually be worn around the neck like a pendant, the new technology means that this will no longer be necessary. The company's sound processors turn sound from the environment into electrical signals, which are transmitted to an implanted electrode that sits in the inner ears of those who are hard of hearing. Because the processor sits outside the ear, it can be updated to carry the new feature without requiring a new implant. Users will be able to customize the sounds they hear by using the free Nucleus Smart App from the App Store. In addition, a feature on the app will allow users to find a lost Nucleus 7 processor.

The Nucleus 7 sound processor will be available as an update in October for the following Cochlear implanted devices: Nucleus CI24RE, CI500 and Profile Series Implants.

source: Cochlear via Reuters


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