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Pictures of Apple iPhone 5S display assembly leak

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Pictures of Apple iPhone 5S display assembly leak
A picture of what is alleged to be the display assembly of the Apple iPhone 5S has leaked. The pictures show that the photos of the motherboard that we showed you on Monday morning appear to be genuine. Note how the connectors on top of the motherboard of what is purportedly the Apple iPhone 5S has one horizontal and one vertical connector which dovetails perfectly with the display assembly seen in the new pictures.

We should also point out that while from the outside there might not be much difference between the Apple iPhone 5 and the Apple iPhone 5S, there is a different look internally. What it all means, we can't say (not that we wouldn't say if we knew) until some more information leaks. In fact, it is almost time to start scrounging through the bars in Silicon Valley to see if there is an Apple iPhone 5S left on the floor. Don't think it can happen again? You might recall the Google Nexus 4 getting lost in a bar as recently as last October.

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source: TechKiddy

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