Phones that stuff the most battery for their chassis? Well, here's a metric

Phones that stuff the most battery for their chassis? Well, here's a metric.
With the thin Honor 6 Plus Huawei wowed us (we know, it's hard to read this one out loud) by stuffing a generous 3600 mAh battery in a rather compact body. In fact, with its 73% screen-to-body ratio and 3600 mAh juicer, the Honor 6 Plus manages to stuff the second-largest battery pack relative to its chassis volume of all current smartphones on the market, giving way only to the Honor 6, which takes the cake in that metric.

Which metric is that, you ask? Why, the milliamp-hour-per-cubic-centimeter one, of course. It's no surprise that Huawei itself has ranked current phones by the mAh/cm3 ratio, as its own phones are occupying the first four spots there, followed by the slim Sony Xperia Z3, and its 3100 mAh unit. That's right - it's the 5" Honor 6, 5.5" Honor 6 Plus, 6" Mate7, and 5" Ascend P7 that have the largest batteries relative to their chassis volume, as you can see in the ranking table below.

How important is this metric for the actual battery life, you ask? Well, out of the phones we've tested in our own battery benchmark list, the Z3, Mate7, and MX4 Pro - all in the top 10 here below - are indeed ranking "excellent," with more than 9 hours of screen-on time in our gruelling PhoneArena battery benchmark. We haven't tested the Honor 6/6 Plus yet, but those should deliver respectable performance, too, given the specs and battery capacities, so juicer size for a unit volume might be one of the good ballparks to follow when looking for long battery life yet still a compact handset. On the other hand, the iPhone 6 Plus is in the top 10, too, on account of its slender 7.1mm profile, yet its battery life is average at best.

source: Huawei via CTech (Weibo)
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