Peter Chou launches HTC HD2, insults iPhone and calls Microsoft HTC's Strongest Partner

Peter Chou launches HTC HD2, insults iPhone and calls Microsoft HTC's Strongest Partner
Peter Chou, HTC's CEO, introduced the HTC HD2 in Taiwan. The mega-spectacular drool machine with it's massive 4.3 inch capacitive screen (more on the screen in a second) is expected to hit U.S. shores in the first quarter of 2010, carrying that powerful 1GHz Snapdragon processor under the hood. Meanwhile, the HTC Exec wanted to use the HD2 launch as a platform to quash talk of a riff between Microsoft and HTC. Chou, calling the Redmond based firm his strongest partner, said that both companies worked together on developing the first capacitive display on a Windows Mobile device which, of course, is the HD2. The CEO said that a lot of the work at Microsoft's Windows Mobile division is supporting OEM's like HTC and that a lot of the things the Taiwan based company has achieved would not have been possible without Microsoft's hard work. Mr. Chou shows a quick comparison between the new HTC flagship device and the iPhone. He says the HD2 provides a "super experience" with the largest display on a phone. As he says this, a slide of the HTC HD2 standing right next to the iPhone is displayed, leaving no doubt in anyone's mind what HTC's intentions were when designing the phone.

HTC HD2 Specifications

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1. Dood

Posts: 269; Member since: Mar 23, 2009

Is a big ass screen.

2. SamTime

Posts: 253; Member since: Nov 07, 2009

I'm really hoping this makes it to AT&T. How could they pass on a high-end WinMo device? That would seem very out of character for them.

18. prettyboy1974

Posts: 56; Member since: Mar 16, 2009

Are you serious?

19. Kiltlifter

Posts: 742; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

because it directly pull competition from their precious iPhone. Apple wouldn't be too happy about that and steve jobs might cry himself to sleep at night. I hope everyone gets this phone like they did with the TP2. T-mo, sprint, AT&T and VZW. Hopefully this would be enough to squash apples iPhone (which i don't care for becuase I hate everything Apple). Maybe it will have the same success in the US that the iPhone has in france, where 40% of everyone has the HD2, but that will never happen b/c you WinMo haters out there are too lazy to learn the most powerful OS on a phone and go with your stupid blackberry (which is designed for stupid people to feel like they are cool becuase they have a pda), and your iPhones (which is designed for people who think they are cool and need a phone to make them that way). Sorry, but I just don't like Apple or RIM. But to each their own. Apple for macintosh tools, blackberry for easy use, Android if you do all the google stuff (which I think is cool), and Windows for people who prefer to be backed by the largest software company in the world, that provides every user free email, online storage, their own social network (that is doing horribly compared to facebook, haha), and a myriad (for you RIM users that means A LOT) of other things. BTW RIM = Research In Motion

20. sugarpopz

Posts: 2; Member since: Nov 08, 2009

If it were not for Apple, Google or RIM, would MS be scrambling to try to push WM7 asap? Competition is a GREAT thing for consumers. The Apple iPhone is just not a fancy looking phone. It also has APPLICATIONS that people actually use. I have an iPod Touch and I download software that is both useful for school and work. Yes, there are a bunch of crapware in the APP store, but there are also gems. There are also software that can change the landscape of technologies/devices used in the health industry. RIM make phones that are great for e-mailing and connecting people (BB messenger) across continents via BIS. There are reasons why many corporate and small-medium business companies use RIM phones. "When you mention people are too lazy to learn the most powerful OS on the phone..." Most powerful OS? You can certainly do a lot with WM, but to call it the most powerful OS on the phone is to say that you are a MS fanboy or you are just plain ignorant. The OS is also very inefficient with managing memory and power. WinMo 6.5 improves upon that, but there is still a lot of work left. I don't think the vast majority of people out there want to waste their time WinMo, nor would they care because there are tons of other products out there that makes life easier for them. There is enough going on in their lives. Where would WinMo phones be without HTC? HTC's development team of understand what consumers want in the the UI and what they want to experience when they pick up their phones. It is about market appeal, something you do not understand. Can you tell me why there are more computers with Windows installed than there are Linux? I think the answer has to do usability for the masses. WinMo phones are not there yet. Apple, Google & RIM make for a healthy ecosystem.

24. trentsinmypants

Posts: 324; Member since: Jan 29, 2009

Oh snap son, it looks like sugarpopz just served you! Well said my friend......I agree with everything you just posted :D

29. Kiltlifter

Posts: 742; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

I never said WinMo was awesome on its own did I. HTC has made of 60 million windows mobile phones in their lifetime. HTC = Windows Mobile. I believe in HTC and what they have done for windows mobile. They made the first WinMo device, first WinMo phone, First Capacitive Screen on WinMo, First Android Phone, they are the market first and they are the best and they do it with multiple devices for multiple carriers in every single market around the world. HTC does everything. The shift can boot vista business or WinMo 6.1, now that is innovation! So don't you "on SNAP SON" me. Did I say that no one should own an Apple iPhone? NO I DID NOT! I said that "I" (as in me myself and I) do not like anything apple and I don't like the users that have one. Did I say that no one should have a blackberry phone even though I don't like them? NO I DID NOT! I made fun of the users that own them becuase I talk to waaay to many ignorant morons that refer to their "BLUE"berry and the blatant TM logo for the Blackberry as the "PAW PRINT"! REALLY!? I like Android and I like the open source linux based platform. I say that windows mobile is the most powerful operating system becuase of all of the functionality it does out of the box without having to add "APPS" or purchase $1000's of dollars of additional server licenses for corporate syncing of your Microsoft Outlook Exchange Active Sync service that your WinMo phone does already, with more devices licenses for free, no additional 3rd party to go through. And yes, I am a big Microsoft fan and it should be blatantly obvious. People talk about their Storm like it is the best thing in the world when I personally think it is a big piece of crap. I don't like Apple becuase they whine and cry and bitch all the time about microsoft, then lock down their OS tighter than anything and charge redicilous licensing fees for official software. "But Kiltlifter there are 1000s of apps in the iPhone app store." Answer: "But moron, there are 20 3rd part software developers for macintosh computers and 1000s for microsoft so it is waaaaay easier for a starter company to publish and get successful, and like sugarpopz said, Driver competition to innovate and create a better experience for everyone. I don't see apple allowing competition. So don't you dare talk to me like i don't know what i am talking about.

30. Kiltlifter

Posts: 742; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

In summary, Sugarpopz I agree with what you wrote, as I didn't fully write everything that was needed to clarify my post +1. Trents, -1 because you most likely own an iPhone or a blackberry, enough said.

34. CRICKETownz

Posts: 980; Member since: Oct 24, 2009

I think the only official way to tell who got served tho is for them to dance battle....

3. Arielnyc2006 unregistered

I wonder what carrier though..

4. dandirk unregistered

HTC is probably one of the few venders I would buy a winmo from... I know its not fair I just have a bad taste of winmo from my old samsung phone. HTC just has a history of making decent UIs.

21. sugarpopz

Posts: 2; Member since: Nov 08, 2009


37. dbdanny89

Posts: 13; Member since: Nov 10, 2009

I agree. I have always been fond of HTC and their phones.

5. scroffy

Posts: 40; Member since: Aug 23, 2009

How could they pass? Because it gobsmacks their flagship phone, and then calls it out by name to pummel it again. Plus I want a phone that has a network that works.

7. artz1986

Posts: 453; Member since: Mar 11, 2009

I'm beginning to wonder why at&t would have a problem w/ having another device in their line up that could go toe to toe w/ the iPhone. Think about it, what's better, having a BMW in your garage that would 'destory' the Merc down the road, having a Merc in your garage that would 'destory' the Beamer down the road, or having both? If anyone would have a prob w/ at&t getting this it would be apple, but seeing how att's exclusivity w/ the iPhone is coming to an end, what does att care? It's all logical... ....and if you want a phone w/ a network that works, you can get one from vzw, AT&T, sprint, tmobile, us cellular, metropcs, virgin mobile, boost, on and so on and so on....

12. tedkord

Posts: 17356; Member since: Jun 17, 2009

Faulty analogy. Owning the two beasts is one thing. I would have no problem owning both phones. However, if I were selling the iPhone, and it was one of my best sellers, would I want to insult Apple by throwing my support behind another phone - especially one that is unproven? Apple may then decide to take their next big thing elsewhere.

33. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

umm.. winmo isnt unproven dodo. . and they have winmo phones now. not taking a phone because it might take sales away from the iphone is rediculous. in the end, att would make the sale either way. the more choice they have the more sales they have. apple doesnt control att (hopefully.. lol). windows phones are powerful but they are also out dated. they have been surpassed by every other smartphone OS and are playing catch up. it happens to everyone. technically the iphone while having superior browsing features is well behind other smartphones in many areas... even 3 generations in. its all about preference. but if it werent for HTC, winmo on a phone would be a rarity... lol :)

6. Jonny87

Posts: 9; Member since: Jul 12, 2009

Sorry to disappoint but there is no way that the HTC HD2 will ever come to AT&T. AT&T has a partnership with apple and will not backstab apple even though the HD2 is 5x better that the iphone. I’m certain that you may be able to get it unlocked like the Nokia N900 but as long as “it” coming out with AT&T is impossible.

8. bucky

Posts: 3784; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

you guys keep on saying "this is 5 times better than the iphone....OH WAIT! no no THIS is waaaaaaaaaay better than the iphone...." Hold off on the iphone bashing until it actually comes out in case u guys havent learned your lesson the first 20 times......

9. E.N.

Posts: 2610; Member since: Jan 25, 2009

That's exactly what I was thinking and I don't think I could have said it any better. People still haven't learned to just wait before a phone is released to start comparing. But anyways, we still are going to have to go through this whole iPhone killer thing all over again. And the iPhone doesn't even have the biggest screen in the market. The droid, some T-mobile camera phone, and another Toshiba phone do, so I don't understand the point of having the iPhone up there.

15. bucky

Posts: 3784; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

and another thing, all that phone is doing is copying almost exactly what the iphone interface looks like. Anybody here notice how after a number of failed attempts @ "killing" the iphone from all different companies that they are just moving closer and closer to an iphone interface? There is little wonder as to what phone these guys were trying to compete with...that video at the end shows pinch and zoom (granted that its a good benefit for any phone) and the album cover horizontal view look familiar to anyone? My money is mostly on the nokia n900...atleast it looks different.

22. Jonny87

Posts: 9; Member since: Jul 12, 2009

To make myself clear, I know its better than the iphone, I give the iphone props for being the first phone with kick ass internet and all that user friendly stuff because without it there wouldn’t have been a competition as good as it is now. But if your serious on thinking its still the leader in high tech, then your just being ignorant. Come on seriously just look at the software that powers these devises. Like the Nokia N900, has Adobe flash player 9.4. You can’t get closer to real internet than with this devise. And don’t be ignorant by saying “oh well the iphone was 4 sec faster than the other phone on internet” seriously just check them out.

23. *HOVA*

Posts: 564; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

I find it funny how you know a phone, that hasn't even been released, is better then another phone... Secondly, I can easily see this phone coming to ATT. They tout themselves as the leading provider in smartphones so why would they pass it up? They have a history with Apple, but it's not a binding contract saying they can't get any other smartphone. I wish people could use some facts to back their opinions, that'd be nice. Let's not get all crazy about a phone that's not even out. You've never even held one yet know it's better then the iPhone. Of course, judging by your comments, you've probably never even used an iPhone either. I agree, the phone looks amazing, and on paper it seems like a real winner, but until it's actually put through its paces and used a bit, noone knows. Haters = Losers

27. Jonny87

Posts: 9; Member since: Jul 12, 2009

Your such a retard, all the facts you need are on this site. All you have to do is check the software info and see for yourself that its better. Plus there are other sites where you can check them out side by side but if you truly know about phones you wouldn’t be asking such stupid remarks. Seriously just check it out.

28. *HOVA*

Posts: 564; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

I can read numbers and info but that doesn't tell me how it will perform, how quick it is, how smooth it's setup. If you knew anything about phones you wouldn't be making yourself look like such an idiot.

10. darthray

Posts: 72; Member since: Nov 04, 2009

please let this device come to verizon! waiting for something like this with a full touch screen instead of a slide out uncomfortable qwerty keyboard.

14. iberrystorm

Posts: 67; Member since: Jun 12, 2009

droid eris could work. has htc sense ui, full touch, verizon network, htc.

11. htc_prep

Posts: 303; Member since: Oct 09, 2009

htc needs to just move in and stage a coup against microsofts winmo division. its like the engeneers at microsoft are doing half (expletive) work because they know that htc engeneers are going to make it 10 times better. htc is doing their job and the job of winmo engeneers while still making their own phone hardware, and making phones on the android platform. if it wasnt for htc's overlay i would still hate winmo's OS. i do feel that there is a place for this phone in at&ts line up. since they do have other winmo fones ie pureness, tilt 2 etc... at the end of the day even though they baby their beloved poster iphone - child, all fads are bound to come to an end, and they are in the business of making money as far as it goes. i dont care for the apple at all, and although i know that there are better phones out there, im tired of every new P.O.S. P.D.A. being the iphone killer. by comparing every phone to the i phone its only furthering the furver of the device. mkae no mistake im getting this phone because in my personal opinion it is better then the iphone... but depending on the network it goes to it could be crippled.

26. E.N.

Posts: 2610; Member since: Jan 25, 2009

I think that if you look at phone specifications alone, the iPhone is far behind. But to me the difference is that the iPhone does really well with all the things that it does. For example, the 3GS has only a 3.2 megapixel camera while the Droid has a 5+ camera, but many reviewers say that despite the resolution difference, the iphone's camera is far superior and much more useful. The same thing goes with the app store. Technology to create an app store probably existed years before the iPhone. But Apple was the first and to this day still the best (in my opinion) even though some other phones may have twice the speed or two processors and stuff like that. Those numbers help make the phone more robust, but at the same time I dont think it's that important. But HD2 is still a good phone. I just hope HTC doesn't think that throwing in a larger screen will automatically make it the best.

39. htc_prep

Posts: 303; Member since: Oct 09, 2009

not everyone likes the same phone, what works for me might not work for you.

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