People are selling iPhones with old Twitter branding for as much as $25,000

People are selling iPhones with old Twitter branding for up to $25,000
Twitter has been rebranded to X and the friendly bird logo has been replaced by the letter 'X.' At its core, the platform works largely the same as Jack Dorsey's Twitter though it may evolve into a super app at some point in the future. Many people are bitter about the name and logo change and some iPhone owners believe they can make some money off of these sentiments.

As Supercharged notes, some iPhone users who have not updated their Twitter app and still have the old logo and name are selling their phones on resale sites and social media platforms. Notable among the listings is an eBay post that is offering an iPhone 11 Pro Max with an old version of the Twitter app with the old branding for a jaw-dropping $25,000.

Other sellers are a little bit more 'realistic', demanding between $800 to $15,000 for used iPhones with the Twitter app.

eBay is not the only place where iPhone users are trying to make bucks by selling iPhones with the original Twitter app. Some have taken to Twitter to advertise their phones.

Whether there will be any takers is a whole other story but it's not unheard of for people to pay exorbitantly high amounts for items considered rare or collectible. Just this month, the first-generation iPhone, which came out in 2007, was sold for $190,372.80, 30 times its retail price. Another unit sold for $63,000 at an online auction earlier this year. 

In 2020, people were selling iPhones with the Fortnite game for up to $10K after it was removed from the App Store by Apple and there were no hopes of it coming back. Similarly, phones with the game Flappy Bird were being offered for up to $5,000 on eBay after the developer removed it from Apple and Google's app stores.

Apple initially resisted the name change as its rules don't allow single-character app names but has finally given in.

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