PayPal's Android app is finally gaining check depositing feature

PayPal's Android app is finally gaining check depositing feature
Apple iPhone users have been engrossed by the checking depositing feature that’s available to them with the PayPal app – thus saving them time, and more importantly, the hassle of waiting on line to deposit their checks.

However, the feature might come off to be something foreign to Android users since this nifty and useful feature is not present with PayPal’s app for Android. Thankfully though, their fortunes are about to change because it’s being reported that the feature is finally coming around with the latest version of the PayPal app for Android. Meaning, users of the app will have the pleasure of being able to use their handset’s camera to take snapshots of their checks, which is then deposited to their account.

Score one of Android users all around, even more now than ever since it’ll only simplify the lives of some people out there by reducing the amount of time they’ll need to take out of their day to deposit checks.

via MobileCrunch


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