Pay bills from inside your Gmail or Inbox app using "Pony Express"

Pay bills from inside your Gmail or Inbox app using "Pony Express"
Alright, you just got a bill emailed to you. What do you do next? You could write out a check, grab an envelope and stamp, and snail mail your payment. Or, you might go to the company's website and send them an online payment. While most people employ one of those two options, there might soon be a new option coming. If Google gets its way, you will be making the payment right from your Gmail or Inbox app.

A feature given the moniker "Pony Express" is being worked on according to a document leaked to Re/code. Signing up requires a user to reveal information like name, address and Social Security number to a third party company that does an identity check. Once a subscriber's identity is verified and he is authorized to use the feature, bills should be sent to the account holder's Gmail address. Payments can be made directly from Gmail or Inbox using a credit card, debit card or bank account information.

A bill can be split up so that roommates who split utility payments can each take care of their half. Contact information for the customer service department for large companies can be called up, and users will be able to archive a photographed piece of mail using Pony Express.

It isn't clear whether Pony Express is the actual name for the service, or just a code name. Whatever this service is going to be called, it is expected to launch in the fourth quarter.

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source: Recode

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