Pantech Vega X to be the first Android phone with desktop-grade DDR2 memory

Pantech Vega X to be the first Android phone with desktop-grade DDR2 memory
We guess the X in the Pantech Vega X name stands for Xpress speeds, since the Android smartphone will be the first to feature DDR2 memory, clocked at speeds previously reserved for desktop computers. The chipset is no slouch either - inside it is having the same 1GHz Snapdragon MSM8255 processor, which is present in the HTC Desire HD, and is showing graphics capabilities almost on par with Samsung's Hummingbird.

Other then the screaming fast chipset and memory speeds, the Pantech Vega X sports a 4" LCD screen. 5MP camera and a 1500mAh battery. Still, the handset is almost as thin and light, as the Samsung Galaxy S. Unfortunately, it is only destined for Korean telecoms for now, but here's for hoping it might appear across the Pacific at some point.

Pantech says that just the presence of DDR2 memory makes the handset 1.5 times faster than phones with regular memory. Don't take the company's word for it, we are also willing to believe the two cute Korean models, posing in front of labels like "Merry Vega Xpress", and "Goodbye~ PC". The phone will appear this week with Korean telecoms.

via Mobile-Review (translated)



3. Jay unregistered

Didn't know that pantech had a good phone as this until today!! Looks very good especially DDR2 RAM. Check out my blog for latest tech n gadgets news also @

2. killlllla unregistered

idk id do em both lol

1. btbotimtim

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the girl on the left looks better than the right. ha ha

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