Palm pulls the plug on the Treo Pro

Palm pulls the plug on the Treo Pro
By now considered a relic from the past even though it is less than 2 years old, Palm has dropped the Treo Pro from its web site. The Windows Mobile phone looks ancient compared to the two webOS devices that Palm has bet its future on. The handset was first launched in August 2008 and had a stylish look to it. Ironically, the device was made by HTC for Palm at a time when the Taiwan based company was not yet a household name. The HTC Task Manager was on board to turn off apps and a tool for watching streaming video came from HTC so that users could watch YouTube. Already you can see the mark that the iPhone was leaving on the cellular world. Today, though, with a 400MHz processor, 320 x 320 resolution screen, the only part of the handset that has modern functionality is the 1500mAh battery. If, for some strange reason-like you need one to complete a whole collection of Palm devices-you probably will be able to find a Treo Pro somewhere in the digital world. But don't bother looking at the Palm web site because the Treo Pro will no longer listed on the site.

source:PalmInfoCenter via EngadgetMobile


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