Palm Pre now free at Bell in return for your signature on a three year contract

Palm Pre now free at Bell in return for your signature on a three year contract
Hard to believe it was a year ago when the Palm Pre and webOS threatened to take down the iPhone, rejuvenate Palm and send customers to Sprint with pocketfuls of cash. In August, up in the land of maple syrup and hockey, Bell offered the Pre for $199.95 with a 3 year contract (which is customary in Canada). Things never turned out like Palm and Sprint wanted. Tomorrow, Verizon launches the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus with better specs than the original model.  Caught with an inventory of the older models, Bell could either come up with an offer that couldn't be refused, or start a heck of a bonfire for warmth on those cold, cold Canadian winter nights. Choosing the former, Bell is now giving the Palm Pre away for nothing.  The iPhone killer can be yours for free from Bell as long as you sign your John Hancock on a 3 year contract for a plan with a minimum cost of $50 Canadian Dollars a month (approximately $47 U.S. Dollars). Makes you wonder what Sprint is going to do with all of their suddenly obsolete-looking inventory of the Pre and Pixi.

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source: BellMobility via EngadgetMobile


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