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Palm Pre GSM spotted, examined in a video

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This article contains unofficial information.

Palm Pre GSM spotted, examined in a video
The GSM version of the Palm Pre was nowhere to be seen since this year’s MWC back in February and its emergence on Palm’s UK site. This wasn’t received really well by Europeans, since you know - the Pre is one of the greatest phones ever. Fortunately, this unclear situation on whether the Pre is coming to Europe has now gotten one step closer to a happy ending. A video demo and images, shot by Vietnamese individuals, have been posted. The device is clearly operational and has a SIM card placed in it, so we know this isn’t some kind of a joke. You can check the video below!

In addition, a man playing with the Pre has been spotted on the London tube. It seems after the source has asked him about the device (we would imagine he/she was like “Hey, nice Pre you’ve got there!”), the person got really secretive and mumbled “Er, yeah it’s for work”, before turning away.

So, there you have it – a nice chance that the Palm Pre is well on its way to EU stores! It is expected to launch by the end of September, according to the Romanian newspaper Ziarul Financiar.

source: Tinhte via EngadgetMobile and PalmwebOSBlog

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