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PSA: Those with an Apple ID need to watch out for this email

The art of phishing has become so refined that these days, it is extremely hard to tell a legitimate request for information from an attempt to steal your personal data. The latest phishing scheme to become a widespread nuisance threat to those with an email account (which is really everybody, these days) involves a letter that is aimed at those with an Apple ID.

Showing an originating email address of "," the email claims that "Apple" could not validate your account information, and then offers a link to another page. On this second page, you would then presumably give up your personal information, including passwords and credit card account numbers. This is the type of personal information that can be used to drain your bank accounts and raise your credit card balance.

At Apple's support site is an article written by the tech giant, explaining how to spot a fraudulent phishing email. If you do receive an email that looks like the one that accompanies this article, do not click on the link, do not give out information, and try to block the address from where the email came from.

source: RedmondPie
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