Oxenfree, the highly-acclaimed Stranger Things-like adventure game, arrives on Android

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If you haven't heard about Oxenfree, then you surely aren't playing as many games as you should. Suffice to say that it's one of those indie gems that make a splash once in a while in the world of video games.

After the debut of the Stranger Things series at Netflix, many compared Night School Studios' game with a supernatural thriller. Oxenfree made its debut on mobiles back in March, when the developer announced the game would be available on iOS.

Today, Oxenfree made the jump to Android and can now be purchased via Google Play Store for $4.99. Unlike the PC version, the Android game comes with custom touch controls for a better, customized gameplay experience.

In Oxenfree, players will explore Edwards Island and attempt to discover the root of the evil that seems to loom over this old military island. You'll be playing as Alex, a rebellious teenager who opens a Pandora's box when unwittingly stumbles upon a ghostly gate spawned from the island's cryptic past. It's up to you how you deal with the events, your peers, and the nightmarish creatures you’ve unleashed.

The game features a complex conversation system that allows players to choose multiple answers that change the story, as well as the relationship status with other characters. A unique radio mechanic will allow the protagonist to communication with the supernatural world and even manipulate it to some degree.

Long story short, if you are into adventure games that feel like Stranger Things when played, then Oxenfree is a title that can't be missed.

source: Google Play

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