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Oxenfree, one of last year's best indie games, is now available on iOS

One of last year's indie darlings, Oxenfree, which itself as a "supernatural teen thriller", has just been released on the iOS App Store. The title is developed by Night School, the studio also responsible for the Mr Robot mobile game previously released on both iOS and Android.

After its release for PCs and Xbox One, the game was lauded for its natural, conversational dialogue which seamlessly integrated with the gameplay. Consequently, it appeared on a number of Game of the Year lists, and for good reason – the title also features an engrossing story taking place in a typical "haunted island" setting, but a twist.

Gameplay-wise, the game falls into the adventure genre, letting players control the movement and interactions of main character Alex. One of the biggest features, however, lies in characters' dialogue, offering players the choice of what, if, and when to say something, with characters stopping a monologue if interrupted by the protagonist, and then seamlessly continuing. This is in contrast with the much more common "conversation tree" approach to player dialogue, as found in games like Mass Effect and Telltale's titles, which only allows for player choice at predefined points in the conversation.

Apart from the just-released iOS and macOS ports, the game can also be bought on Windows, Linux, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, though no Android port has been announced just yet. The mobile version of the title is said to feature altered touch controls, which could serve to make some puzzles easier on mobile devices, and is thus a welcome change. The game will be 20 percent off during its launch week, bringing its price down to $3.99.

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