Over 30 phones to launch in the next 6 months - says LG

Over 30 phones to launch in the next 6 months - says LG
Sitting still at the number three spot may not hold well for LG who trails both Nokia and Samsung in the global market share of mobile phones. The Korean based manufacturer is setting out on a blitzkrieg tactic to boost their status among the global players. When the new year dawns, LG plans on capturing 15 percent of the market by the end of 2010. So how does one achieve that you ask? Well apparently the plan is to saturate the market with over 30 new handsets over the next six months.  Vice president of telecom business at LGE Taiwan, Finsen Chen, has stated that 30 percent of those new phones will be touch-enabled and over half will support 3G technology.  In addition, LG plans on targeting lucrative markets like Taiwan, China, and Vietnam that could jump start future sales to get where they want to be. It’s a good plan on paper to whip out as many new phones to increase their market share, but let’s hope they’re all quality handsets to really captivate people to purchase them.

via The Inquirer

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