Outstanding and gorgeous vinyl skins for the iPhone 6s, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, and Nexus 6P


No, we are not talking about the eponymous British TV series; we are talking about one of the recent crazes in the smartphone world. What are skins, exactly? Well, these are accessories that one sticks on their phone; they mostly serve a cosmetic purpose, but might also protect your phone from accidental scratches and whatnot.

Still, their main purpose is to make your handset look different. Ever dreamt of a wooden iPhone? Well, get a matching oak skin and you're good to go. A leather-back Galaxy Note 5? Get a leather-imitating skin and your phone will at least look like it's sporting leather elements. There are lots of skins available for a large selection of devices, which makes customization as easy as abc. For a price, of course.

Made of 3M Di-Noc laminate vinyl, these wrap-around accessories are self-adhesive, as well as easy to put in place and be removed afterwards. Thus, you can easily swap your skins and later on re-apply them in a jiffy, which is undoubtedly convenient. What's more, they even have a slight texture to them, which usually enhances the grip. Neat!

Now, there are two major manufacturers of skins for the iPhone 6s - dbrand and SlickWraps. Both manufacturers sell rather nifty skins for a large number of popular devices that will really breathe new life into your device. Okay, without further ado, we are about to show you our favorite skins.

D-Brand employs high-quality 3M vinyl for its skins. Speaking of skins, D-Brand has a really large portfolio of available ones for some of the more popular devices you can think of, like the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, the Nexus 6P, the HTC One M9, the LG G4, and a couple of Motorola ones. 

Have in mind that D-Brand's skins consist of three pieces - back, front, and upper/lower or side panels. Thus, you can either get a complete skin for your device or spice things up by coupling different ones together for that "Frankenskin" look. Check out some of the nicer ones right below.

Apple iPhone 6s skins

Apple iPhone 6s Plus skins

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 skins

Samsung Galaxy S6 skins

Google Nexus 6P

Slickwraps' is another skin maker that specializes in making your smartphone look cool. It also comes with a large selection of skins available for many of the more popular devices available right now. Have in mind that Slickwraps does not use 3M vinyl, but his own vinyl material, which is specifically tailored for electronics, as the company puts it.

Slickwraps' skins will shield your device from accidental scratches, but as usual with these accessories, you shouldn't rely on them for tougher protection. Additionally, there is a matching wallpaper available for each skin via Slickwraps' own app. Check some of the nicer skins down below.

Apple iPhone 6s skins

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Google Nexus 6P


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