Our videos are longer, Instagram! Twitter and Vine video limits raised way too high?


Twitter is reported to be upping the time limit on its video sharing feature – what was thus far a 30-second bar for any shared clip is to be raised up to 140 seconds. Interestingly enough, 140 is the character limit for your regular text tweets – could this be a coincidence (or Half Life 3 confirmation)?

But that's not the only service getting longer videos. This year, however, Instagram showed that it's no longer interested in the “short clip” segment and increased the limits for videos shared via the media from 15 seconds up to a full minute. Effectively, this left Vine uncontested in the micro clip niche.

Well, the reports claim that Vine's videos are also about to get their limit increased and it too, like it's owning company Twitter, will offer 140 second clips.

Seeing as Vine became popular for short bursts of humor by its viral video-creating users, it's a bit curious what the future might hold for the service. Maybe Twitter is planning to repurpose its property in some other way?

source: Reuters
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