Our readers are pretty excited about the prospect of a Microsoft Lumia flagship with Windows 10

Our readers are pretty excited about the prospect of a Microsoft Lumia flagship with Windows 10
Microsoft has scheduled a major event for the morning of October 6th, with a number of new Lumia devices expected to be announced. Among them, the rumors go, is one Lumia 950 XL, code-named Cityman. Microsoft's long overdue flagship device, supposedly, and the smartphone that we'll look up to to get a grasp of Windows 10's practical capabilities in the coming year.

Having been so long since we last had a Windows-based smartphone worth talking about, we thought it's the perfect time to check with you and see if you guys are excited for what Microsoft is allegedly cooking. So we asked yesterday. And nearly two thousand of you responded.

Some 44% of participants noted that they're very excited about the prospect of a high-end Lumia phone with Windows 10, followed by the second largest single group that say they are intrigued, with 31.16%. On the other end of the spectrum, 15.6% of voters are quite indifferent to any products resulting from Microsoft's work (not at all excited), while 9.23% say they're not really intrigued, but obviously not completing disregarding the possibility that the Redmond-based company could surprise us all.


Are you excited about the prospect of a high-end Microsoft Lumia phone with Windows 10?

Very excited
Not really intrigued
Not at all excited

Do you reckon Microsoft has something truly great under wraps?


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