Ouch! After starring in a number of Motorola DROID Turbo ads, James Franco is already back to his iPhone 6?


As we found out several days ago, Motorola and Verizon, its exclusive partner for the DROID Turbo, chose celebrity James Franco to promote the new flagship. Franco appeared in several short teasers (all of which pretty mystifying) before the Turbo was officially outed and it became obvious to everybody that it's Motorola's new highest of high-ends he was promoting. 

Funny thing, however – literally hours after the product he was hired to endorse started selling, Franco was yesterday seen using an Apple iPhone 6 in one of his latest Instragram posts. Franco likely isn't breaking any contractual agreements, but we couldn't help but be reminded of every other time deals between phone manufacturers and celebs have ended up in a similar way. For example, shortly after Ellen Degeneres used a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to snap a group selfie (Groufie, according to one of Huawei's latest trademarks) that would then become a part of the most popular tweet in Twitter history, Ellen was seen taking photos with an iPhone instead. Similarly, Oprah (or somebody on her staff?) used her trusty iPad to endorse the Microsoft Surface back in 2012.

Ultimately, these not-so-little gaffes will likely stay out of the public's attention at which these ads are aimed anyway, but we're probably not alone in feeling that if manufacturers are going to pour serious dough on celebrity endorsements, they might want to include a clause that would prevent something like this happening over and over. Are we alone?

source: Instagram via Droid-Life

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