Oppo teases a preview of updated ColorOS Beta for Find 7 and Find 7a

Oppo teases a preview of updated ColorOS Beta for Find 7 and Find 7a
It has not been that long, but at the rate technology and software advances, the flagship devices by Oppo, the Find 7 and Find 7a, are already feeling a bit long in the tooth, despite competent hardware all around, and a smooth user experience that is ColorOS, Oppo’s flavor of Android.

As Oppo gains more and more mindshare with its nicely built, attractive, and capable devices, the pressure mounts to keep the software fresh, and that has proven to be a little bit of challenge so far with the Find 7 devices.

Oppo likes to cater to the tinkerers and developers out there, and its active forums have all manner of discussions about how to do things with Oppo’s products. In catering to this crowd however, Oppo also does not push a lot of over-the-air updates for ColorOS, favoring instead to release stable builds or Betas to be manually loaded and installed on devices. Fortunately, the process is literally as simple as downloading a file, connecting the phone to your computer, and then initiating the update on the device itself.

With the last big update to ColorOS 2.0.0i for the Find 7/7a this past October, the devices finally had firmware based on Android 4.4 KitKat, as well as a long list of changes to the user experience. With this update teaser to ColorOS 2.0.4i, based on Android 4.4.2, the Find 7 and Find 7a get a bunch of new wallpapers and the ability to presort apps. The task manager has been enhanced a bit too.

There is also a feature called Free-halt 2.0, which offers easier one-handed operation. Easy Crop is a freehand ability to crop screen shots, not unlike how Samsung’s TouchWiz does it on the Galaxy Note 4 with the S-Pen. The camera interface got a healthy overhaul with expandable menu widgets, more modes, and now 3rd party developers can build new functions into the platform.

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The Beta should be available to install “soon,” though with the teaser video highlighting the enhancements, hopefully that will translate as “sooner rather than later.” However, if you are a dedicated fan of Oppo’s hardware, you know the software side requires a bit of patience.

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