Open Signal: 24,093 unique and different Android powered devices are available

Open Signal: 24,093 unique and different Android powered devices are available
A new report by Open Signal reveals that there are 24,093 distinct Android devices available around the world. When Open Signal first published a similar report in 2012, the number of distinct Android devices was 3997. Last year at this time, the number of individual, unique Android devices was 18,796. So we can now whip out our abacus and compute that 28% more Android flavored models are under the yellow sun this year when compared to last year. Since 2012, the number of distinct Android powered devices has increased by a factor of 6.

Android devices don't appear magically out of nowhere. 1294 manufacturers are responsible for the huge number of different Android powered gadgets. 37.8% of the 24,093 phones, tablets, watches etc. are branded with the Samsung name. Last year, Samsung had a 43% share of all individual Android products available.

Open Signal used graphics to show the fragmentation that Android developers face. A chart showing the leading Android OS build at any given time, also shows the different builds that are still active. Just the other day, we showed you that .3% of Android users are still rockin' Froyo (Android 2.2), a build that was a big deal in the Summer of 2010.

One telling chart shows the comparison of build distribution between iOS and Android. There are nine different Android builds listed from Android 2.2 Froyo all the way up to Android 5.1 Lollipop. Open Signal compared that to three iOS sectors (iOS 8, iOS 7 and before iOS 7).

source: OpenSignal via PCMag
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