Open Handset Alliance gains 14 new members

Open Handset Alliance gains 14 new members
Based on the popularity of the platform, it's no surprise that The Open Handset Alliance is rapidly expanding, gaining 14 new members who are committed to Android and it's success in the marketplace.  The new members are AKM Semiconductor Inc., ARM, ASUSTek Computer Inc., AtherosCommunications, Borqs, Ericsson, Garmin International Inc., HuaweiTechnologies, Omron Software Co. Ltd, Softbank Mobile Corporation, SonyEricsson, Teleca AB, Toshiba Corporation and Vodafone. 

With their entrance into the group, they are committing to either launching new devices with the operating system, contributing to the Android Open Source Project, or supporting products and services that will ensure a greater availability of Android.

source: Open Handset Alliance



1. unregistered

Just throwing this out there, but now that Vodafone is in maybe Verizon to follow?

2. unregistered

More than likely however Vodaphone does not call the shots for VZW and I qould guess that VZW has too much going on to worry about an android phone at this time

3. unregistered

still no vzw or att, huh? im just wondering what is taking so long to make more handsets if there are all these members in the alliance... im picturing a superhero roundtable of members, all wondering how to take out the evil iphone...

4. kay unregistered

thy cal it the open handset alliance... unfortunately what i see of it is a closed alliance with google havin the maximum armtwisting ability android is no fun to use...the nu winmo fones r much btr(jus my opinion) the only rsn so many cmpnies r joinin the OHA is to nt b lft bhind...but lts nt 4get v forgot the symbian n linux with equal ease..

5. unregistered

i agree wit u but its your horrible spelling that almost made me go against what u said

6. unregistered

Obviously a texter with all that abbreviating...

7. unregistered

its nice to see the alliance grow... side note... nice to see that there are no vzw fanboys on here posting... since this has absolutely nothing to do with vzw or its competitors...

8. DataViz

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

Ok, I'm going to try my best to use proper English and hopefully i won't have to kiss anyone's A$$. Anyway, to add our 2 cents about this announcment... From a 3rd Party developer point of view, the more device manufacturer's that join Google's Open Alliance just helps reinforce the opportunity for companies like DataViz. We've seen great success with our products on Symbian, Palm, Windows Mobile and Blackberry, and all of the platforms have different pros and cons. I think we are pretty excited to see what these device manufacturers come up with and hopefully Google's innovation can be combined with our mobile productivity apps to benefit a new group of customers whether on a mobile phone or a netbook. As such, for those who are familiar with us, you may be interested to learn that we have recently announced that we will be bringing our mobile Office suite, Documents To Go, and our Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync client, RoadSync to Android. If you would like to learn more and follow our progress or provide us with suggestions, please visit

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