OnePlus shows us how it's testing the durability of its One smartphone (no bend test here)

OnePlus shows us how it's testing the durability of it One smartphone (no bend test here)
Not long after Samsung released a video showcasing how it’s testing the brand new Galaxy Note 4 to make sure the device is durable and doesn’t bend when it shouldn’t, now OnePlus posted a video that walks us through a series of quality control tests performed on its One smartphone.

As you’ll see in the video, the OnePlus One doesn’t go through any proper bend tests, though there’s a “sit test” which simulates 55 pounds (25 kg) being pressed against the device 1,000 times. There’s also an impact test (drops from 4 feet - that's 1.2 m), a tumble test, and even a USB stress test. Moreover, the handset is being exposed to light “rain” for 10 minutes, as well as to 130 ºF (55 degrees Celsius) for 4 hours. Naturally, OnePlus claims that these tests don’t alter the handset's functionality.

While at the moment you still need an invite to get your hands on a OnePlus One, it looks like the smartphone will be available to buy directly starting later this month. Next year, OnePlus may launch a new handset - possibly called OnePlus Two - which could have a smaller display than the One (as you may know, this sports a 5.5-inch screen).

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