OnePlus celebrates 4 years: special giveaway and discounts posted


Ah, it has been a long road for OnePlus — sometimes a bumpy one, sure, but undeniably one that leads up. And right now, everything seems to be going well for the company. Its latest "flagship killer" is a fan-favorite, despite that it sells for much more than the original $299 that the OnePlus One launched with, its accessory shop is growing, and its becoming a recognizable brand, thanks to some subtle, but obviously effective guerilla marketing moves.

Technically, it will be in April of 2018 when the OnePlus One becomes 4 years old, but the company was, of course, founded months before the release of its first product — on the 13th of December, 2013. Yup, OnePlus turns 4 tomorrow.

And, to celebrate its birthday, the road so far, and the upcoming holidays, it's offering a couple of things. On one side — there's a mystery giveaway, which can net you "amazing prizes", packaged in a total of 500 gift boxes. Now, don't get your hopes up for an actual phone, it more sounds like OnePlus is giving away some of its most popular accessories.

The company also has promotional offers on a bunch of its accessories, ranging from 5% to 30% off. In other words, you can shave off $1 - $6 off of different items, which is not bad if you buy a few cases and a set of headphones in bulk.

If you happen to have been a OnePlus user for a while now, you can also follow your "OnePlus story" so far, if you log into the website with your OnePlus account. You will also get a voucher worth $5 to spend on OnePlus accessories, so there's that.

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