OnePlus One prices permanently slashed by $50, Dropbox Pro bundle now available

OnePlus One prices permanently slashed by $50, Dropbox Pro bundle now available
This past week, OnePlus organized a special promotion for the One. During a specific time interval that changed each day, the handset was offered at $50 off its usual price. Interestingly, the manufacturer is now announcing that it is permanently slashing OnePlus One prices to what they were last week during the special promotion

This means that the 16GB Silk White version is now priced at $249, while the 64GB Sandstone Black version will set you back $299. For those deeply rooted in the cloud, the 64GB version of the OnePlus One can be bought alongside a one-year Dropbox Pro subscription (worth $99) for $50 extra.

The OnePlus One is, simultaneously, the most interesting smartphone of 2014 as well as one the most frustrating product launches of the past few years. The device came out with red hot specs and a $299 price tag, obviously generating a lot of buzz on the internet, the only channel that the company uses to promote and sell its devices. 

Unfortunately, though, the smartphone was not available in sufficient quantities when it launched. The OnePlus One was made more broadly available for purchase only when the handset started to shake off the initial inertia. With this permanent price cut, the handset is certainly more interesting, especially since now you don't need an invitation. 

Some might be looking forward to the OnePlus Two, a handset that should launch in the third quarter, but with the manufacturer going back to the invitation model for its launch, availability will most likely be limited.

Often referred to as the flagship killer, the OnePlus One might have stood by its name back in mid 2014 when it was launched. As we approach the device's first anniversary, however, the One can't really kill any modern flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, the LG G4, or the HTC One M9 through its specs, although it still remains a solid option for an upper mid-range device that doesn't break the bank.

Priced at $249, the 16GB OnePlus One might not be the the flagship killer that it once was, but it's very find to find a smartphone that comes with a better bang for your dollar. Check out our OnePlus One review to find out if it's the good choice for you!

source: OnePlus

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