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OnePlus hit with big layoffs in Europe

OnePlus hit with big layoffs in Europe
There's no way to sugarcoat this, so let's we're not going to hide the news behind positive statements. OnePlus is in the process of streamlining its operations in Europe, which is rumored to result in massive layoffs across all countries in the region.

Engadget reports that its sources claim OnePlus has decided to shrink its workforce in three major markets (France, Germany, and the United Kingdom) by as much as 80 percent. Indicative of the strategy employed by OnePlus is the last year's layoffs at the company's regional offices in Italy and Spain, which eventually resulted in a complete shutdown of these offices.

We don't know how many employees OnePlus has in Europe, but we do know that it has around 2,000 employees worldwide, but that's before the layoffs. An OnePlus spokesperson confirmed the changes but tried to sugarcoat it by saying the company is actually hiring in the region.

Apparently, regional offices in Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, and Belgium remain unaffected by the layoffs, but it's unclear why. Moreover, some employees will have to relocate to Helsinki (Finland), which is likely to replace the company's European HQ that's now located in London.
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