[Update: Not really] OnePlus discontinues the OnePlus 3T 128 GB


Update: OnePlus today changed its website to show that the 3T 128 GB is just "sold out," not discontinued. Moreover, according to GSMArena, the company will continue to sell this variant of the phone, at least in some markets (it's not clear if the US is included here).

As of this week, you can no longer buy a OnePlus 3T 128 GB. That's because the handset is officially discontinued, as OnePlus' website itself is showing.

Apparently, a OnePlus rep said that the company stopped selling the OnePlus 3T 128 GB for a good reason: being a rather small company, OnePlus needs to focus its efforts on just "one flagship device" - obviously, the flagship device mentioned here is the upcoming OnePlus 5 that will be officially released sometime this summer.

OnePlus is still selling the OnePlus 3T 64 GB (for $439), likely because it has plenty of inventory, and there are still some months ahead before the OnePlus 5 hits the market.

While OnePlus confirmed the name of its next smartphone, as well as the fact that it's going to be launched this summer, it didn't reveal anything else about it. Anyway, rumors have it that the OnePlus 5 will be quite an attractive handset with features including a Snapdragon 835 processor, dual cameras, up to 8 GB of RAM, and a large battery.

Like the 3T, the OnePlus 5 could have 64 GB and 128 GB (or maybe 128 GB and 256 GB) variants. Hopefully, both will be available to buy from day one - we're saying this because, as you may know, the OnePlus 3T 128 GB was released months after the 64 GB model.

source: OnePlus via Reddit, Tweakers (translated)

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