OnePlus 12 will be the world’s premiere of Sony-OnePlus jointly developed LYTIA sensor

OnePlus 12 will be the world’s premiere of Sony-OnePlus jointly developed LYTIA sensor
OnePlus is gearing up for the release of its next flagship, the OnePlus 12, and it might just make Samsung and Google a bit nervous. The recently unveiled OnePlus Open showcased the brand's commitment to the ongoing camera competition among smartphone giants, setting the stage for the OnePlus 12 to potentially secure a top spot.

In a noteworthy collaboration, OnePlus and Sony have spilled the beans on Weibo (via Android Authority) that the OnePlus 12 will proudly debut as the world's first phone featuring Sony's latest LYTIA mobile image sensor. Riding on the coattails of OPPO's partnership with Sony, OnePlus, as OPPO's second sub-brand after vivo, is set to benefit from the cutting-edge technology of Sony's LYTIA Mobile Image Sensor Brand.

Early intel hints at the OnePlus 12 boasting a 1/1.4-inch sensor, likely a stacked image sensor from a new generation, probably the LYT808. This sensor is anticipated to be in line with the Sony IMX966, initially expected to be part of the OnePlus 12.

The LYT808, a premium 1/1.4-inch model, stands tall against the high-quality 1-inch type sensor. Sporting a 2-layer transistor pixel structure, it promises exceptional saturation signal levels. Thanks to the stacked technique, the OnePlus 12 could capture more light, translating to improved low-light performance for those night-time snapshots.

With its new LYTIA camera sensors, Sony promises to deliver creative imaging experiences “beyond imagination.” OPPO's September announcement of its strategic partnership with Sony promised dual-layer stacked Sony LYTIA sensors in future flagships. Vivo has already confirmed that its upcoming vivo X100 series will feature a customized LYT800 sensor.

And speaking of vivo, the vivo X100 series design was just recently revealed, and its circular camera island echoes the anticipated look of the OnePlus 12. However, the camera game differs between the two, with OnePlus sticking to Hasselblad while vivo collaborates with ZEISS.
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