One touch expenser is a free and easy-to-use expense-tracking app for Android

One touch expenser is a free and easy-to-use expense-tracking app for Android
Love it or hate it, there always comes a time when one has to start thinking about managing their personal finances. Yes, we know it isn't a particularly fun thing to do, especially when the balance doesn't tend to gravitate towards the green area in a decided manner, but hey, did you know that keeping a close eye on your expenses can actually improve your financial status? That's right - having a clear picture of where your hard-earned money goes can reveal a surprisingly different situation from what you may have imagined.

Regardless if you're looking to enter the not-so-fabulous world of expense tracking, or if you're simply looking to replace the service that you're currently using, we think we have found a rather cool and free (as in, completely free) proposition in the Android Play Store. It's called One touch expenser, and as the name implies, it's probably one of the simplest services of this type. Indeed, this expense tracking application has a very clean and straight-to-the-point user interface. With little to no bells and whistles, One touch expenser focuses on letting you enter your expenses quickly and easily. Actually, the developer has gone so far, that the app even lacks support for various currencies!

One touch expenser's hallmark feature is the so-called One touch button, which lets you create an expense entry with the touch of a single button. The idea is that if you're in a hurry, you can just hit the One touch button, and then go back and fill the rest of the information (like the amount and the tag) later. The idea isn't bad, but we don't think that it's particularly well implemented, as it doesn't make use of Android's widget support, and it lacks a homescreen shortcut for the One touch button - so you still have to launch the app and navigate to the appropriate menu. Naturally, if you have to go this far, you might as well fill in the amount and choose a tag.

Even though its signature feature isn't anything to write home about, One touch expenser is still a solid offering, seeing that it's equipped with all the must-have options that such an app needs to have. For example, there are pretty good budget and tag managers. Finally, to round things up, the service even has a website that you can sync your data to, meaning that you can have access to your budgets and expenses from any connected device, not just your Android smartphone. Not too shabby for a free application!

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1. TBomb

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This is going to come in handy. Thanks for the heads up!

2. MobileGuru

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Financius is the best free expense tracking app!

4. wilsong17 unregistered


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