Once used on an Apple iPhone ad, Urbanspoon stars in BlackBerry App World's 2nd television spot

Once used on an Apple iPhone ad, Urbanspoon stars in BlackBerry App World's 2nd television spot
Urbanspoon is an application that makes recommendations on where you should eat. The selections are based on the restaurants in your area usi the GPS on your phone. With Urbanspoon on the screen, shaking the phone starts three wheels spinning, very similar to a slot machine. One wheel gives the name of the restaurant, another the type of food served, and the third shows the price range of the menu. There is also a place to click to read reviews on the food and service.

Back in 2008. Urbanspoon was featured on an television advertisement for the Apple iPhone. Actually, it is an ad to show off the usefulness of the apps in the App Store.

Fast forward to today and the second commercial for BlackBerry's App World is launched. And what application is at the center of the spot? None other than an updated version of Urbanspoon. What a coincidence that of all of the apps that could have been used for the new Berry ad, Urbanspoon gets another, uhm,,,shake. Check out both videos to see how both Apple and RIM take a different approach and focus on different types of users for the app. Apple concentrates on the everyday customer while RIM shows how the app could be used in a more business-like manner.

Not only can the app be downloaded for free at the App Store and BlackBerry App World, but it can also be installed from the Android Market.

source: YouTube (AppStore), (AppWorld) via Crackberry


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