Omate X smart-watch hands-on - the $129 smart-watch

The Omate X is a new smart-watch by a start-up company. It's designed as a stream-lined companion smart-watch, based on the concept of push notifications. Instead of being app-focused, the watch pushes notifications to and from both Android and iOS devices, and has a number of built-in apps, such as an alarm, phonebook, and music player.

A major disadvantage of the Omate X is that its display automatically turns off after a short time. Thus, you constantly have to activate it manually if you want to glance at the time. Additionally, its display is very prone to smudges. However, the build quality is pretty good - it's metal, and the strap is made of genuine leather.

As you can see in the video, the Omate X is on the laggy end of things, in no doubt to early software and the frugal MediaTek wearable platform that's powering it. However, it could turn out to be the only color display smartwatch with a battery life of 5 to 7 days on the market. The Omate X will be out in October, priced at a very affordable $129 in the USA and 99 EUR in Europe.


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