Official Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories to include Multimedia Dock and Alcantara protective cover


Samsung is known for releasing plenty of official accessories for its flagship smartphones, and this won't change when it comes to the Galaxy S8. According to Sam Mobile, the Galaxy S8 will have many accessories similar to those made for the Galaxy S7 series, including Clear View covers, LED View covers, S View covers and Keyboard covers, plus a Backpack extended battery case. Interestingly, unlike the Galaxy S7 Backpack case, which includes a 3100 mAh battery, the S8 one allegedly has a smaller 2,600 mAh battery. For now, we're not quite sure what to make of this.

Some Galaxy S8 accessories will be new. For example, you'll be able to buy a Protective Cover "knitted with Alcantara" for your S8. While you may have heard the term Alcantara leather, Alcantara is not actually leather. It's a synthetic material that resemble suede leather, while being more durable and resistant to stains. 

Another new accessory for the Galaxy S8 should be a Multimedia Dock with rich connectivity options (some older Galaxy models, like the S4 and Note II, had a similar Dock with USB and HDMI ports, among other things).

The Galaxy S8 series will probably be announced in late February at MWC 2017. Until then, you should check out our Samsung Galaxy S8 rumor review.

source: Sam Mobile

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