Octagon, a minimalistic arcade dodger, is free on iTunes

Octagon, a minimalistic arcade dodger, is free on iTunes
Octagon is a fast-paced, challenging and dynamic arcade game. It's one of those minimalistic games with addictive gameplay that will most probably make you dizzy after a couple of levels. Octagon is developed by a single person, the independent game developer Lucas Korba.

The concept behind Octagon is simple – slide an eight-sided ball down a path and get to the finish line at the end of each level. It sounds easy, but, as in real life, the simple things are the hardest to accomplish. See, you have to navigate your octagonal ball on a path, which is not very consistent – in fact, it's not a path at all. It's more like a sequence of different tunnels, gaps, platforms, and obstacles. Falling from the 'path' or hitting an obstacle will result in a "Game Over" sign. As if this is not enough of a challenge, your angular ball moves at a constant, rapid rate. It won't stop moving until it crosses the finish line – this means that the game requires you to think and react really fast. Octagon features unlimited number of randomly generated levels that will test your reflexes, as well as an endless game mode, which allows you to roll the octagon as long as you like.

Controlling the octagon is quite simple – two on-screen buttons allow players to spin the ball left or right. In addition, swiping the screen flips the minimalistic game world upside down, which is quite necessary if you want to dodge some of the more challenging obstacles.

Downloading and playing Octagon won't hurt your wallet at all – it's completely free.

Download: Octagon (iOS)

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source: Octagon via Pocket Gamer

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