OPPO teases massive 125W super flash charger

OPPO teases massive 125W super flash charge
In today’s fast-paced world, technology is evolving at crazy rates, but there’s one particular field that lags behind. Batteries. We charge our electronic gadgets nearly every day, and manufacturers have found an interesting workaround to make our lives easier - fast chargers. And while Apple and Samsung take the conservative approach, Chinese brand OPPO takes fast charging to the extreme. The company posted a cryptic video teaser on Twitter, hinting at massive 125W charging capacity in its next fast charger.

OPPO’s own SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charging boasts 65W of power and is already implemented inside the OPPO Reno Ace smartphone. Xiaomi announced earlier this year a 100W charging technology called “Super Charge Turbo” that can charge a 4000mAh smartphone battery from 0% to 50% in as little as 7 minutes. Then, leaving the phone on charge for an extra 10 minutes will bring the charge up to 100%, meaning owners could fully charge their devices in just 17 minutes. Now it seems that OPPO will try to take its charging crown back.
The official announcement is scheduled for this Wednesday, 15th of July. Don’t get your hopes too high, though. Showing a 125W charging tech doesn’t mean we’ll get it right away on our smartphones. At this point, Chinese companies are just showing off and teasers like this one are nothing more than a PR stunt. Nevertheless, if we can charge our phones from zero to 50% in five minutes that would make our smartphone experience a lot better. Fingers crossed.

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