Nvidia's 7-inch Tegra Note 7 tablet is a mean performer, blazes through benchmarks


We've been following Nvidia's 7-inchTegra Note 7 from theinception of the first round of rumors down to itsofficial launch. While the Tegra Note 7 doesn't exactly offer topof the shelf hardware, it does come packing a great valueproposition, considering its frugal $199 price tag.

In case you aren't in the know,Nvidia is actually 'only' providing the design, both inside andoutside, to third-party OEMs, like American EVGA, and in this case – ChineseHomecare. The enterprising folks from the Middle Kingdom have ran thetablet through a bunch of benchmarks, and those have really showcasesthe sheer power one could get nowadays for as little as twoBenjamins. Check them out to your right.

These are some pretty awesome scores,considering the slate has to make do with 1GB of RAM. As always, dokeep in mind that it has to push considerably less pixels, due to its1280x800 resolution. 

We haven't actually had the chance to playaround with the Tegra Note 7, though we're nevertheless pleasantlysurprised with what we see. Who knows, perhaps we're not too far offfrom a time when Google's and Amazon's tablets represent the onlyviable, budget-friendly options.

via: GSM Insider

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