Nvidia revenue buoyed by Tegra: company squeezes $119 million profit out of $1.04 billion revenue

Nvidia revenue buoyed by Tegra: company squeezes $119 million profit out of $1.04 billion revenue
If you doubted the importance of mobile to chip makers, doubt no more and just look at Nvidia’s second quarter results - the company posted $119 million profit on $1.04 billion of total revenue, a lot of that because of its Tegra chips.

Profits actually doubled from the first three months of 2012, and the company explained that growing Tegra-based smartphone and tablet sales contributed a lot to that. The PC business however also helped with Nvidia’s GeForce 600 series of graphical chips performing well.

And when it comes to the third quarter of 2012, Nvidia expects to see revenues growing even more as the Google Nexus 7 tablet is expected to sell by the millions and it features the Tegra 3 chip. Nvidia is also a Microsoft partner for the upcoming Windows RT launch, so we definitely expect it to continue growing in the near term. Check out Nvidia’s full financial disclosure in the PR below.

source: Nvidia via Engadget



2. kartik4u98

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Hmm really wondering what will be their profit account after nexus 7 comes out to all the markets..!

3. Ohrules

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are you my long lost brother?

1. dashing123

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cool story

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