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Now, it's the 5.5-inch iPhone's turn to have its battery caught on camera

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Now, it's the 5.5-inch iPhone's turn to have its battery caught on camera
Yesterday, we saw a leaked picture which is supposedly the battery pack for the iPhone 6, and it raised questions over what we'll expect for battery life with Apple's next smartphone. Today, we're getting a look at a couple pictures that claim to be the battery pack for the 5.5-inch iPhone. Unfortunately, there isn't as much to learn from these images as far as the battery's capacity.

The rumors are that the battery for the 5.5-inch iPhone will be about 2,500mAh, but there is nothing printed on these battery packs, so we can't confirm or deny that. We also can't really guess to much about the shape of the 5.5-inch iPhone (aka the iPhablet, aka the iPhone Air). Apple is obviously trying to keep the device thin, but we can't say if it will stick with the 16:9 aspect ratio of the iPhone 5s with the new design. The iPhone 6 appears to be keeping that aspect ratio, but the iPhablet will be taking up the spot between the iPhone and the iPad mini; and, Apple tablets use the 4:3 aspect ratio.

The images also show an odd foldable area along with the battery pack, but no one is quite sure what to make of that. Anyone out there have ideas as to what that part could be?

source: Nowhereelse via BGR

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