Not again! Second man takes selfie with rattlesnake and ends up in the hospital

Not again! Second man takes selfie with rattlesnake and ends up in the hospital
Last month, we told you about a man in San Diego who had a "pet" rattlesnake and decided it would be a great idea to take a selfie with the snake. Of course, he got bit and ended up in the hospital incurring a rather hefty $153,161.25 bill. We hoped that the story would be enough to deter anyone foolish enough to even consider trying this stunt, from taking the risk.

But 36-year old Alex Gomez apparently missed that story. On Monday, Gomez found a four-foot rattlesnake slithering around his family's ranch. He did what any 21st century male with a smartphone would do. He decided to pose for a selfie with it. That was a poor decision as Gomez was bit by the venomous snake. After his body started to swell up, a neighbor called 9-1-1 and Gomez was transported to the hospital. Despite receiving doses of anti-venom, there is a strong possibility that he will lose his hand.

So dear reader, please take this story as a warning. You do not want to risk your life over a photograph. Stick to inanimate objects. Take snapshots of your lunch. But when it comes to dangerous animals, do not attempt to capture them in a selfie. Call your local Animal Control and have them remove the threat.

source: KCAL via NYPost


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