Nokia's Facebook page briefly showed off the magenta Lumia 900

Nokia's Facebook page briefly showed off the magenta Lumia 900
Already, evidence has been found in a Microsoft Store showing the existence of a magenta cladded Nokia Lumia 900, but still, there’s no official confirmation as to whether or not it’s actually going to be for real – like in the flesh for real.

Yet again, we’re seeing something that suggests the possibility of the new color scheme, as Nokia’s own Facebook page briefly revealed it. Yesterday, Nokia’s Facebook page showed off the Lumia 900 in a variety of colors – of which magenta was one of the available options. In fact, it supplemented the cyan, black, and white color schemes we’re aware about.

However, taking a look at the same exact page today, the magenta option has magically disappeared. Apparently, it might be that someone jumped the gun in activating it, but in any event, it’s no longer there. Nevertheless, it simply continues the speculation as to whether or not magenta will be a confirmed color option for the Lumia 900.

So far, the rumors suggest that we’ll probably hear more regarding it, as we get closer to Mother’s Day, which would make sense, because it’s one color scheme that most mothers wouldn’t mind having. So here’s to the wait for an official confirmation!

source: Nokia via WMPoweruser

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