Nokia working on self-charging batteries

Nokia working on self-charging batteries
We have already heard of quite a few projects focused on alternative power sources lately. In fact, the first handsets capable of utilizing solar energy are already on the market. We have even seen a concept charging accessory that converts body energy into electricity. Still, Nokia´s project is quite interesting indeed, even alongside of the latter.

The Finnish giant has patented a technology for battery, capable of harvesting kinetic energy via piezoelectric module. In other words, the battery will recharge itself as the handset is physically moved, much in the same way as a kinetic wristwatch. In order to achieve that, the manufacturer will need to equip its devices with modules of heavy elements moving back and forward onto special railing, so even the smallest changes in the physical position of the cell phone can be registered and utilized to generate energy. The technology will probably fail to completely replace normal wall charges, but similarly to solar panels, it will provide longer battery life for people on the move.

By the way, the concept for a handset that self-charges utilizing kinetic energy is not as innovative as it may seem - the Ulysse Nardin Chairman will be equipped with such a module, although the luxury item may never make it to the shelves - it got announced more than a year ago, but unfortunately, has not been released this far.

source: UPSTO via Engadget

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