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Nokia tells Samsung to "have a break"

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Nokia tells Samsung to "have a break"

You might expect Nokia to be a bit quiet until the proposed sale to Microsoft goes through, but Nokia apparently wants to stay in the spotlight any way it can, even if it means being negative. Nokia was obviously not all that impressed by Samsung's newly announced devices today, because the Nokia Germany account told Samsung to "have a break".

The tweet is obviously playing off of Google's announcement that Android 4.4 would be called KitKat; and, since Samsung is the king of the Android hill (and by extension the entire smartphone hill), Samsung gets the message. Of course, while the tweet is slightly amusing, the thought that has been running through our heads since seeing it is "It would be amazing to see someone actually break a smartphone cleanly in half like that."

We are not condoning that you destroy your property, but given how destruction of a cell phone usually goes down, wouldn't it be pretty interesting to see a clean break like that? Nokia has never been afraid to take on Samsung before, and obviously moving into the Microsoft offices won't change that. 

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