Nokia revamps Ovi Maps with various enhancements to meet the competition

Nokia revamps Ovi Maps with various enhancements to meet the competition
When you think about maps applications out there, Google Maps Navigation will easily stand tall amongst the heap of offerings thanks partly to its tight integration of Google services that enhances the user experience. On the other hand, Nokia is stepping things up with their Ovi Maps to meet the competition openly with various enhancements that should prove to be alluring to most people.

During Nokia World, the Finnish maker announced some new features with Ovi Maps such as live traffic flow information, public transportation maps, a brand new drive assist mode, social check-ins, and a redesigned places page. For those who intend on using their public transportation maps, it will only be offered in over 80 cities around the world – so just don't be too surprised if its not available in your area just yet. And of course you can't hide the fact that social networking integration is going to be a key area moving forward – so that's why you'll be able to share your location on various social networking sites through SMS. All in all, it appears as though this should be able to keep users content as we continue to see it evolve.

source: Nokia



1. Syksyd

Posts: 63; Member since: Apr 16, 2010

now if they only make the NAV work on my n900

2. NokTokDaddy

Posts: 21; Member since: May 12, 2010

Nokia have been assuring us for some time of the cross-compatability of apps written in Qt; I presume they have put their money where their mouth is and written the latest build of Ovi maps in Qt and would HOPE that they write a version for N900. C'mon Nokia - lead by example! Encourage your prosepective app developers and reassure the many N900 owners who have supported YOU by giving a little back to the Maemo community. The N900 remains one of the most under-etsimated and overlooked devices available. The spec and performance is still world-class and the open nature of the Maemo5 OS encourages porting of apps from other sources. You can even run Android on N900!

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