Nokia planning social apps for all mobile platforms

Nokia planning social apps for all mobile platforms
Nokia may have thrown all of its weight behind Windows Phone for its future handset releases, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Nokia doesn't understand that the best option for software, especially social apps, is not to be tied to one platform. 

Nokia Pulse is currently Nokia's only social app. It is sort of a mashup between group messaging, like BBM, and a check-in service, like foursquare, although check-ins with Pulse are private by default and only shared with certain circles. It has been in the Windows Phone Marketplace since October, but Windows Phone isn't the only place users will be able to find Pulse and other social apps from Nokia. Basak Ozer, Nokia chief of social and location apps, said, "These are social applications. To be social, you have to be on every platform." This means that Pulse, and any other social apps that Nokia has planned, will be making its way to iOS and Android soon enough, and may even find its way to more platforms like BlackBerry. 

We have to say, while we're not sure the world needs another social app (especially a group conversation/check-in app), it is very nice to see a company that understands the basic tenant of "social". Social means we get to connect with anyone, anywhere, on any platform, not just those who share our hardware choice. So, kudos to Nokia, and maybe BlackBerry and Apple (not likely) will take note.


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